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Aloe Vera Face Moisturizing Spray

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Quick Overview

Keep It Simple



This ultra-light oil-free moisturizer is perfect for those who have dehydrated skin, oily prone skin or acne prone skin. Made with a base of organic aloe vera juice to hydrate thirsty skin while providing a healing boost to fade acne scars. Organic plant extracts of Vine, Helichrysum (a.k.a Immortelle) and Licorice are added for a sebum balancing, anti-aging and brightening effect. A quartz crystal in the bottle helps to combine all the ingredients when the bottle is shaken before use. Quartz crystal is used because it is known as a universal healing stone, and is your keepsake when your bottle is finished! This easy to use herbal moisturizing spray can be used as your sole face moisturizer, or in conjunction with our range of face oils for daytime use. It can also be used as a night time moisturizer since its formula is oil free!


Organic Aloe Vera Juice (no gelling agents added), Organic Plant Extracts of Vine, Helichrysum and Licorice, Potassium Sorbate and Sorbic Acid (mild food grade preservatives), Crystal Quartz.

How to use

Shake bottle before use. After cleansing and toning, hold bottle about 5cm away from your face and spray liberally onto skin. Gently pat into skin and wait for it to be fully absorbed before applying powder or make up. If you wish to use it with our face oils, place a drop of oil into your palm. Then spray some aloe vera moisturizer into your palm and combine with your fingertips. Gently pat mixture onto your face and neck.

Brand Info

Keep It Simple (K.I.S) Elemental Skincare is all about keeping it simple and pure. We respect your skins' natural ability to balance, heal and rejuvenate itself and we trust in the powers of nature. With this in mind, our carefully crafted products are made to support your skin by using complementary high quality natural and organic ingredients, allowing your skin to function optimally. The result is healthy, radiant and glowing skin!


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