Hey Beauty Babes! We know how complicated our skin can sometimes be – dull, redness, blackheads, white heads??-  The list goes on. Lucky for you, we’ve asked some of our skincare enthusiasts at Beauty Browse and today, right here, right now, we’re going to tackle three major solutions on three common skin types for you beauties!

What’s my skin type?

One of the most important step on nurturing your skin is, knowing your skin type! By knowing your skin type, it would definitely give you a better understanding on how your skin works and for you to determine what your skin actually needs and what to stay clear from. We understand that every individual’s skin is unique, but with that, there are a few common skin types that will help you identify where your skin fits in.

Here are the three main skin types we will be looking at :-

  • Dry
  • Oily
  • Normal/Combination


Dry skin is easily irritated and inflamed by outside impacts like temperature and environment which results to the lack of moisture in the skin. With that, dry skin tends to look a bit rough, a tad bit patchy and sometimes even showing premature fine lines.

Solution: Now babes, bare in mind that it’s not as bad as it sounds, all you need is a lil’ TLC! Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Try out Tanamera’s ageless facial moisturizer, it’s 100% natural! Here are other products PERFECT for dry skin, Celebrity Serum Beyonce and Nara B’s Vitamin C Serum.


Now if you have oily skin, your skin would tend to have a shinier canvas. The shine is very most likely to have been caused by excessive sebum produced in your skin or hormones. If you’re at the age of entering womenhood, then yep, it’s totally normal! Oily skin however also means bigger pores, which alllllsooo means, your pores are clogged by a lot of stubborn impurities.

Solution: Toning is very very important when comes to skin care but! With oily skin, try to reduce reaching for the toner every now and then, we advice a very minimum usage: once or twice a week! Why you ask? Toning your face excessively will cause you to develop sensitive skin and irritation due to your oily skin, your skin might not be able to withstand the chemicals seeping into your skin. We recommend to hydrate and opting for natural base products like Keep It Simple’s Aloe Vera Face Moisturizing Spray and Nara B’s Rose and Green Tea soap!


This skin type is very common. Combination skin has a very recognizable T-zone, meaning that your skin tends to be oilier in the forehead, nose and chin area. Very prone to impurities as well. Though you may not experience extreme skin problems (lucky you) here are some skin regime you can try!

Solution: If you have this skin type then we’re sure that whatever you’re doing in your skin routine, is definitely working! Great! Here are some additional products you might wanna add to your skincare routine – Get your MASK ON, with Bau Bathe’s Pink Cheeks face Mask, great to use anytime your skin needs some extra nourish lovin. Here are some other products for you to try, Nuhaa Botanicals’s Argan Oil and SIY + FOO’s ROSY rose mist!

We hope we can be of help in changing up your routine, we’re all about the organics here at Beauty Browse so, with that being said, Let’s build a better future by stopping wastage, chemical reproduction and start using all natural tings tings.

Til next time beauty babes