Hey babes, before we start, we just want to let all you amazing ladies know that, you are loved and that whatever you’re doing - be it grand gestures like saving the world from global warming or just something as simple as getting yourself up from bed after a bad break-up and handling your responsibilities like a boss – we see you, we feel you, we stand with you and you’re not alone! So, why is self-love important? Well, most of the time, we’re always too hard on ourselves, desiring to excel and do everything right but it comes with a lot of self-criticism and A LOT OF “hey maybe I’m not cut out for this” or “I think I should just give up while I can”. Yeah, no, we can’t let that happen on our watch.

Self-love is key for improving your mental and physical health, keeping that unnecessary anxiety and depression away. We’re no expert, but we love you and we’d want to try our best to help you improve your state of mind! We girls gotta stick together so, here are some tips <3

  • Take a step back

Now, we don’t mean physically taking a step back, although if it helps then by all means, do as you please. This helps you to reevaluate your choices and your decisions, big or small, if the problem or situation gets a bit too much for you to handle, TAKE A STEP BACK, BREATHE AND COUNT TO 10. Repeat if you must.

  • Forgive

You’ve probably heard this a million times but hey, everyone makes mistakes .. and we mean EVERYONE! So, it’s okay if you fall, you know you’re always going to get back up again. Forgive yourself for all the mistakes, you live and you learn.

  • Good people = Good vibes!

Surround yourself with people that fills you up with positivity! It’s amazing what any environment can do to you and how it immediately changes up your mood. People who lifts you up, are good people! Your friends and family are number 1 on your list, they’re your support system, it’s good to always have them around!

  • Let’s talk!

Remember to always talk to someone if anything is getting abit too much on your plate. If you’re seeing professional help, great! But if you can’t afford professional help, talk to your friends, your parents, your teachers or whoever you’re comfortable with!  They love you, they’re not going to judge you or pull you down.  Find your safe space! 



Cmon’ admit it, you deserve to treat yourself every now and then. We suggest having a one on one pamper time with yourself or with some friends!

Here are some of our fav products for a spa-night-in!

  • BROOKLYN’S BODY SCRUB – Coffee Scrub

A natural blend of coffee, oils and vitamins, giving you the ultimate exfoliation trip of your life! Say goodbye to dry skin and hello glowing goddess! 


All-natural ingredients for the best oral health. Put a small amount of powder into palm of your hand, wet your toothbrush and dip into powder! Brush for about 2 minutes and brush again with either water or toothpaste and you’re done! Fresh and clean, hello! 


Reduce swelling and accelerate healing in the vaginal area with all natural ingredients! Other benefits include relief for vaginal discomfort due to stitches and inflammation and deodorize the genital area especially after menstruation. 


Helps reduce tired puffy eyes from work stress or lack of sleep. We love bags, but we can put eyebags to rest, yes? Keep em chill in the refrigerator, remove plastic and place them over your eyes, TADAAAAA instant cooling effect! Keep in refrigerator for future uses!

Treating yourself once in a while helps you maintain a good happy lifestyle, if you feel good, it channels throughout your whole body and presence!

Good luck, babes! xx