For many years past us, everyone around the globe have associated Turmeric to remedial properties and a cosmetic godsend. If you’re no stranger to herbs and spices for skin care, then you may have heard that a Turmeric Face Mask is an excellent addition to your skin care routine. Due to its amazing healing properties towards both general health and the skin, it is LITERALLY known as “The Golden Spice of Life” – We know, what a title to be given right?

Okay, mini story time!
This yellow goodness has been apart of the beauty routine of women all over India for many many years, being passed down to generation after generation, from Grandmothers to mothers and to daughters, especially in the form of a face mask!  

Let’s get into the benefits shall we?
Of course we’ve mentioned that Turmeric possesses a lot of amazing healing/beauty related properties. Here are some benefits you might not know about our little yellow friend: It contains properties that contributes into having that natural glow on your skin and heal wounds due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components. The anti – inflammatory qualities also targets pores also leading to clearing up acne scars. Others also include helping with other dermatological conditions.

So much so, Turmeric has proven to be very beneficial towards everyone’s lives. And of course, we’re not letting you leave without a treat- Check out Skin Gold’s Golden Turmeric Mask here, on our website! Get yours now and start glowing!