Hey beauty babes! Let’s get straight to it shall we? Alright so, here at BB, we've been using Brooklyn’s Bodyscrub for quite some time now, switching from all three of them from now and then and here’s a little summary of our journey!

Brooklyn’s Cocoa Coffee Scrub:

First impression: Love the hint of cocoa smell, obviously. Now, we applied this bad boy all over, focusing on my upper body like my shoulder area, neck and face as well. Gently rubbing them, letting all the nutrients sipping in to our skin. For those who aren’t used to body scrubs, they feel like as though you’ve just rubbed sugar all over your skin haha! I promise, it feels very soothing. Left it on for about 15 minutes and slowly rinsed everything off while massaging my skin (Just so that the left over residue from the scrub could sink into my body for better results)

Outcome: Naturally have dry skin so, after a few use from the cocoa scrub, noticed that skin now feels more moisturized and soft! Especially with the weather here in Malaysia, ya’ll have no idea how much this scrub has saved our entire skin existence!!

Brooklyn’s Coffee Scrub:

First Impression: Again you guys, the smell is amazing. Coffee addiction just got a lot bigger. Like the cocoa scrub, applied it all over body and left it for about 15 minutes (smelled like coffee the whole time when was in the shower haha felt quite therapeutic too!)

Outcome: After rinsing off the product, we immediately saw the changes in our skin. Came out of the shower glowing and smelling like coffee (what a dream, right?) We also have some scars here and there on body and noticed it fade after every trip to the shower! Love loveeee it.


Brooklyn’s Sugar Scrub:

First Impression: This one smells very neutral, like sugar. You know the drill, scrub it gently all over and leave it on for 15 minutes.

Outcome: This little baby helped skin tremendously by repairing the damage my skin has been through. It helped in minimizing  pores and kept my skin moisturized. Stayed fresh the whole day!

We highly suggest you babes to get your hands on these babies and indulge yourself in your own personal happy hour therapy. Reward yourself after a long day, you deserve it. Trips to the shower just got a lot better.

Signing out, til next time babes!