It’s that time of year again where "La Vie En Rose” is embraced. Everything is pink or red, and the way your lips should be. Fun fact, our very own Cleopatra crushed bugs to create the colour red for her lips, I promise you it’s simpler to get yourself a beautiful sheen of red on your lips now haha. 

Let’s talk red! For years it is believed that the act of applying red lipstick is empowering, giving you the extra boost of confidence to take on the world! For me, I have always associated red lips with two particular women, my mom and .. CHRISTINA ARGUILERA! What a combo? I know. They’re both the most powerful and strongest women I know - from how they carry themselves to the powerful red pout on their lips. Red lipstick is to be worn on your lips proudly and bold, for you to walk down the hallway or in the mall with confidence, class, and sass. Of course, it goes without saying, everybody needs a red lipstick in their life (or at least three). The colour red is also linked to romance and all that is love! So the question is, have you found your perfect red? 

However for a sweeter approach, pink lips are a more subtle version of red, known for its universal innocent look. Not to be mistaken for weakness, pink lips are still to be worn loud and proud! Pink lips suggests a whole personality hidden behind a soft and innocent colour. Personally, when I view the colour pink, instant positivity flows through, not kidding though, the colour pink implies that you’re sweet, kind, outgoing with a dash of spunk. 

Back to Valentines, the colour you choose to wear depends on who you are, who you want to be, and how you feel. If you’re feeling bold, go red girl! If you’re feeling fun, take pink out for a spin! Regardless of whatever colour you choose to wear on your big date, Beauty Browse has got you covered, brands like Kamelia Cosmetics, Shontel and Breena Beauty has a wide range of beautiful and exquisite colours for you to choose from. It’s a celebration of love after all, and you wear whatever that makes you feel loved. 

 Signing off, til next time!