Hey beauty babes! It’s friendship week at BB so, get your bestie over here and let’s chat!

When you think back on the worst time of your life, who stood by your side? It could be your mom, your dad, sibling maybe? Or your best friend. It really doesn’t matter who you’re best friends with, but what matters is that they stood by you during your moment of crisis and that’s what friends are for – offering support of any form and in any way possible. They’ll comfort you and be there for you, they’re your life’s constants.

It’s been proven by many research that if you’re maintaining a healthy friendship/relationship, the more probable you are of being happy! So, having a good support system and always having your besties have your back thru hellfire is definitely good for your wellbeing (and sanity lol)

But however, as we get older we lose some friends here and there, that’s okay though! Not every friendship has to end and not every friendship will work out. So, how do know if your friends are your absolute true besties? You’ll know, trust. But here are some signs of a good friend:

  • Does not judge you

We can’t have you or your friend judging each other, that would lead to a very very messy friend-break up (ouch)

  • Loyal

If you’re crying, you bet your pretty lil’ cheeks that your girl is going to cry with you (lol) (true story am I right?)

  • Does not pull/put you down

We lift each other up, there’s no going down from here, if your babe’s life- long dream is to travel to the other side of the world just for a festival, of course you’re doing it with her. Even if her dream is as funny as being a pink power ranger for Halloween, you support it.

  • Honest/Trustworthy

Your friendship is your safe space, if you can’t trust your friend with anything at all then who is she? If that dress looks horrendous on you, she’ll tell you don’t worry.

Of course there are other factors that makes a good friend your best friend. You’re her best friend and she’s your best friend, there’s nothing in your life you can’t conquer when your gal is by your side *ques Icona Pop’s Girlfriend* *Na na na, na na na .. All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend*

Before we end this chat, we’d just like to say, once you’re aligned with who you are, it’s time to spread the positivity and give love to the people who makes you feel loved. Give friendship week a try, babes. Shower you girlies with love, get them their favorite starbucks drink, get them chocolates, buy them that that top they’ve been eyeing for months, get them new goodies from Beauty Browse (hehe shameless plug) Just remember that no one is alone in this life. Talk soon!