Want to whip your hair back and forth but having a little hair trouble? This month’s article is for you! We went around asking our BB team on their hair care routine and from what we’ve gathered, it’s not all that complex, we don’t think any hair care routine should be difficult anyway, just some TLC and some reaaaaally good hair care products of course! (We’ll get to that in a sec) So! Today, we’re sharing some of our most fav tips and tricks in achieving healthier hair! Let’s not forget the shine too, babes, we gotta make that hair shine baby shine!

    1. Yeah, it sounds kinda gross but it really isn’t, trust. Washing your hair every day strips away all the good oils that makes your hair luscious soooo, we need those oils, protect them at all cost! We would recommend washing your hair about 2 or 3 times a week or 4 days if you naturally have oilier hair.
    1. Now, what does tweaking your diet have to do with your hair? Surprisingly, a lot! Get more iron and protein! Include more iron-rich foods like your leafy greens, soybeans and fish in your diet. Protein on the other hand, strengthens your hair so, get some cheese, milk and yogurt in your servings too! You’ll see changes, promise! 
    1. Get yourself a broader toothed comb, it saves a lot of your hair and it’s gentler than a regular brush. With this routine, say bye bye to frizzy hair! Be sure to comb thoroughly after a wash, be careful! 
    1. Rinse your hair with cold water after conditioning! It helps in strengthening and keeps your hair shiny! 

And there you have it! Easy peasy lemon squeezy hair tips. The best and most simple ways to leave you with the best locks. Now let’s get into the good stuff, Here are some of our fav hair products you can get at BB:

  • Tanamera’s Hair Strengthening Shampoo  
    • This beauty will help you strengthen and promote hair growth. Great for hair loss prevention and improving scalp microcirculation too! Squeeze on a fair amount and massage gently on to hair and scalp and rinse! Voila! You’re good to go.
  • Tanamera’s Hair Strengthening Conditioner 
    • One of the BEST conditioner for that volume and shine you long for your locks! Like the Shampoo, it reduces hair loss and thinning while repairing your scalp all together! Have a sufficient amount on your palm, mix with an equal amount of water then gently apply to the scalp and hair. Leave it on for about 3 to 5 minutes then rinse, rinse, rinse! 
  • Tanamera’s Hair Strengthening Serum
    • Reduces hair loss, and stimulates growth of hair follicles. This serum will help produce stronger and thicker hair. It’s also a non-oily serum if you’re wondering so, pack this baby on if you need to! (But not too much babes, a lil too much of anything is not good either) But definitely suitable to use on a daily basis! We highly suggest to use this after every wash, just spray it on and massage away!
  • Tanamera’s Scalp Cleanser
    • Tanamera is big on helping with scalp problems, most of their hair products basically cater for your scalp in addition with many other benefits but, if you’re looking for ONLY scalp treatment then we recommend getting their scalp cleaner which focuses more solely on your scalp. The cleanser helps removing excess oils without the presence of any harsh chemicals! Which is already a super plus! It helps prevent hair loss and promotes hair growth. Daily use is advised. Massage gently onto scalp and wait it out for a minute then rinse!
  • Tanamera’s Scalp and Hair Revitaliser 
    • This one focuses on restoring the scalp environment and offers more of a deep cleanse for your scalp. Another great opt than the shampoo, this is a close second! (ok more like a tie theyre both so good) Like the conditioner, apply and let soak for 3 to 5 minutes then rinse!
  • Tanamera’s Har Treatment Cream
    • We all love a good hair cream, yes? Yes. This one is our fav! With ingredients like virgin coconut and jojoba, what more can we say about this bad boy? It’s to die for. When you feel like your hair’s a bit flat, crack this baby open and massage this on! It’ll nourish and rejuvenate the hair to perfection! We’d also like to give a very honorable mention to Argan Oils! They’re perfect for your hair! It has proven to make hair softer, silkier and shinier. If you’re not a fan of conditioner then try Argan Oil instead! They’re also a big help in treating split ends and frizzy hair. We have a selection of Argan Oils for you to choose from here at BB. Type in “ARGAN OIL” in our search bar and everything will be listed for you! You’re welcome! 

Til next time bubs! xx