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Jamu Tun Teja - Pink Limited Edition

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Jamu Tun Teja



Jamu Tun Teja has been developed to ensure you meet your recommended daily dose of vitamins, minerals required to maintain optimal health and women's wellbeing. Tailored towards women’s unique physiology, each daily dosage is brimming with essential Manjakani, Akar Serapat, Acai Berry, Cinnamon, honey, black pepper – all of which are vital for supporting strong bones, regulating hormones and postponing tell-tale signs of ageing.


Ginger – Improves blood circulation, relieves muscle aches and cramps, especially backaches and joint pain. Relieved symptoms of allergies and Influenza-like Illnesses.

Manjakani – Improves overall intimate health; Reducing discharge, odour and elasticity.

Akar Serapat – Promotes intimate suppleness and rigor. Relieves menstrual pain (dysmennorhea) and regulates menstrual flow.

Cinnamon – Increases Metabolism. Reduces blood cholesterol. Aids in weight loss.

Acai Berry – Nature’s Fat burner. Cleanses the body from toxins. Improved vital organs function.

Honey – Liquid Gold; Limitless possibilities of benefits. Of the many, it increases breast milk, boosts memory, strengthen your immunity and alleviates allergies.

Black Pepper – Astonishing benefits that it even was once used as currency! Burns fat. Improves digestion and reduce bloatedness.

Purasweet – A natural sweetener that helps to lower blood sugar levels.

Collagen, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) – Stimulates skin regeneration, maintaining its suppleness and radiance. Reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. The key visual indicator of your age is through your skin, to prevent the risk of premature wrinkles and simultaneously minimize the signs of time as much as possible.


Skin – Promotes skin renewal to reveal a clear, radiant and supple complexion, giving the look of lit-from-within.

Metabolism & Weight Loss – Kick starts your metabolism to curb your appetite and aids in weight loss. Lose inches in just weeks!

Menstrual Cycle and Fertility – Regulates hormones and creates pleasant internal environment for conception.

Intimate Health – Resolves intimate problems such as discharge, loss of elasticity and low libido.

Milk Booster - Helping in increasing breast milk supply for breastfeeding mother.

How to use

Consume one sachet daily before breakfast or before sleep. For faster result consume two sachets (before breakfast and before sleep). Ensure water intake 2-4 liters / day. High fibre diet (fruits and vegetables) is recommended. Avoid alcohol / caffeinated beverages to ensure effectiveness. Keep away from direct sunlight. Store in a dry and cool place for freshness. Safe to consume while breastfeeding. Not recommended for pregnant women.

Brand Info

Jamu Empire Sdn founded by Hazira Azihan Abd Wahab was established on June 2016 with their product, Jamu Tun Teja. After one and half year, now Jamu Tun Teja has conquered the world; Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, United States and many more are coming!.


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